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Where Are They Now? Kony 2012

He was the breakout star of the most popular viral video during the period of March 5th to March 31st of 2012, but since then many people have asked the question: where is Kony 2012? WWN’s investigative team can, after painstaking research, finally reveal the answer: Kony 2012, now going under the name Kony 2015,… Read more »

Where Are They Now? The Real Osama Bin Laden

LET’S face it, nobody is pulling the wool over our eyes, Osama Bin Laden is no more at the bottom of the ocean than Louis Walsh is a bachelor just waiting for the right woman to come along. Where the American government has brainwashed you, WWN attempts to reverse the process by tracking down the… Read more »

PHOTOS: Your Gorgeous Shots Of The Northern Lights

We have been bombarded with thousands of reader pictures of the northern lights this morning so we have decided to pick our favourite ones out for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who sent in their shots in. There are some real crackers in here. Gertrude Kent sent in this fantastic shot of a series of… Read more »

Where Are These 5 X-Factor Contestants Now?

THOUSANDS upon thousands of people have graced our screens over the 12 years since popular talent competition The X-Factor first hit the airwaves. And while some of these melodic hopefuls have gone on to become household names such as Leon Jackson and Joe McElderry, some contestants just couldn’t make it in the cut-throat world of… Read more »

WWN Guide On How To Correctly Leave A Shopping Basket In A Holder

Shopping baskets have been used by homo sapiens for thousands of years, yet 97% of us fail to correctly place the metal carrier back in their holders properly, costing retail stores trillions of euros in man-hours every year. We here at WWN have decided to break it down for you into a handy 2-step shopping basket guide. You’re welcome…. Read more »

5 Alternatives To An Post

WITH the latest IO Systems strike directly affecting An Post’s ability to deliver post, millions of people across the country this week have been left without the means to send post, so we have put together some alternative ways to send that letter or parcel. 1) Carrier Llama  Probably the most obvious option; a carrier… Read more »