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WWN’s Guide To The Dangers Of Offline Dating

WWN recently learned of a worrying trend which saw men and women attempting to find romance without the aid of smartphone apps or dating websites. This new and dangerous fad is sweeping the Nation and is known by the seemingly inoffensive name ‘offline dating’. We talked to several participants in this worrying up-and-coming trend to… Read more »

WWN Event Guide

DUBLIN Adopt a leftover protester drive carries on throughout the weekend. Following the large turnout at last week’s water charges protest, many protesters have failed to return home, some have become feral. Families are encouraged to get down to Merrion Sq. in Dublin and if they like the look of one of the adorable upstarts,… Read more »

WWN Event Guide

Here’s what’s happening around the country this weekend: Nationwide Ireland’s Worst Cinema. Ireland’s cinemas compete this weekend to see who can be crowned the worst in the entire country. The public are encouraged to attend this weekend and then vote according to some of the following criteria: terrible sound which bleeds in from the movie… Read more »

Inside The Twisted World Of Gay Marriage

WWN takes you, the reader inside the much misunderstood world of gay marriage, civil partnerships and international espionage. This humble reporter was ready to set the world straight (pun very much intended, in fact, I had planned it weeks in advance) on how the divisive rhetoric of the marriage equality debate was needlessly tearing the… Read more »