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Lovin’ Waterford: Last Night A Pizza Changed My Life

YOU always remember your first time. Often it’s a hasty decision you later regret, for others they were so eager to get to it burnt the roof of their mouths. But, we’ve all moved on from the early days of pizza, and a new dawn is before us, one I am fully ready to embrace… Read more »

Where Are They Now: The Girls From 2 Girls, 1 Cup

IT’S been years since “2 Girls, 1 Cup” appeared on our internet, heralding the dawn of the “YouTube reaction video” and making temporary superstars of its nubile young stars. Considered to be “shocking” at the time, 2G1C is regarded by today’s desensitised youth as a quaint footnote in the history of extreme pornography, in much… Read more »

WWN Guide To Begrudgery

WE’RE famous for it, but for a small number of us when we hear of someone else’s success we can’t help but be happy for them. Well, time to study up as WWN has just the guide for you, the begrudgery-illiterate people of Ireland. No matter what it is; a new job, a marriage proposal,… Read more »

WWN Guide To Faking The Male Orgasm

WHILE the accounts of joyously fraudulent female convulsions are manifold, the male version of this dishonest, but ultimately empathic practice remains hard to master. Where there are weekly evening classes on the art of perfecting a faked orgasm for women, there is only hushed whispers in the male sphere and occasional nervous attempts at seeking… Read more »

Where Are They Now: Tiananmen Square Tank Man

THE Tiananmen Square massacre in the Summer of 1989 is an event which remains shrouded in mystery, as the state-run media agencies in China suppressed as much information about the incidents that led to the Chinese army marching on protesting students in Beijing, firing on unarmed students and generating a death toll which to this… Read more »

Revealed: What Your Tattoo Says About You

TATTOOS have never been more popular, following the ink explosion of the late nineties, which saw the art form flourish among celebrities and trendsetters worldwide. No longer just a stalwart of criminals and sailors, tattoos of varying sizes and styles started to adorn the skin of literally everyone in the world. In choosing a pattern,… Read more »

Where Are They Now? Hanson

IT’S MTV. It’s 1997. An inoffensive guitar starts up, three long-haired figures walk across a street, a boy who would go on to cause conflicted desire in teenage boys’ hearts takes to the mic. “Ooh,” he intones and with that, an enthusiastic vocal delivery changed the course of music history forever. Hanson, the three-piece sibling… Read more »