Revealed: What Your Tattoo Says About You


TATTOOS have never been more popular, following the ink explosion of the late nineties, which saw the art form flourish among celebrities and trendsetters worldwide. No longer just a stalwart of criminals and sailors, tattoos of varying sizes and styles started to adorn the skin of literally everyone in the world.

In choosing a pattern, design or slogan that you’re going to literally have etched onto your skin for the rest of your life, many people find themselves trying to explain their choices with lines such as “it’s to remind me of a dead relative” or “this brings me hope” but after extensive research, we at WWN can finally, definitively reveal what your tattoo really says about you.

Flowers or butterflies

Flowers and butterflies, whether in black and white or in colour, are among the most popular tattoos. In choosing to have a butterfly or a flower tattooed on yourself, you are making a statement to the world that you really wanted a tattoo of a flower, or a butterfly. Maybe even both!



You may decide instead that you want some writing inked onto your body: a song lyric, or a line from a poem. Maybe this writing is in a different language, like Chinese or Arabic. Maybe it’s just the name of someone, or a place name, whatever you choose, you’re letting the world know that hey, you wanted some writing on yourself, so you went and got some writing on yourself. You thought of it and said ‘yep, I’ll have that’.



The choice of animal you tattoo on yourself speaks volumes about the choice of animal you tattoo on yourself. A tattoo of a scorpion suggests that the bearer wanted a tattoo of a scorpion: likewise, a tattoo of a lion can mean that the person wanted a tattoo of a lion, went to a tattoo shop, browsed through their book of lion tattoos, saw one they liked and said ‘hello, excuse me, can I have this lion tattoo please?’ And then the tattoo artist said ‘yep, no problem’, and gave them a lion tattoo.



Generally speaking, people with tattoos of flags tend to be the kind of people who wanted a flag tattoo. The kind of person who looks at their bare skin and thinks: a flag would go nicely there. Maybe even a flag and something else? They’ll then go to a tattoo shop, tell the tattoo artist what they’ve got in mind, the tattoo artist will draw a few things up, and before you know it, BOOM. Flag tattoo. Remember that next time you see someone with a flag tattooed on themselves: this person really wanted a flag tattooed on themselves.

Other shite


On top of actual stuff and things, there’s a world of random shite that you can tattoo on yourself. Patterns, designs, swirls, sharp things… you could get a tattoo of the Terminator with half his face blown off riding a My Little Pony into battle against the army of Edward Longshanks if you like. You may tell yourself and others that these tattoos have a certain meaning for you, but in actual fact your tattoo of Dogtanian and the Muskehounds on your arse really just signifies that you thought it would be pretty fucking awesome to have a tattoo of Dogtanian and the Muskehounds on your arse.