Joy As Man Who Said “Boom” After Every Sentence Finally Explodes


“JUST scored two tickets to the All-Ireland final, boom!” Those were the last words of Aidan Meehan before he exploded all over the inside of his office cubicle, according to co-workers who witnessed the grim scene.

Staff at McKillan & Byrne Accountants were said to be overjoyed at the explosion of Meehan, although many admitted that they wished it had happened outside office hours.

Meehan, 25, had become a hated figure in the busy Dublin office due to his constant habit of ending self-congratulatory statements with the word “boom”, sometimes changed to “boomage” or “boomzo”.

The Raheny native would use the word at the end of statements in which he detailed his skill at dealing with wealthy clients, his sexual triumphs during the weekend, and instances where he managed to get a scrumpled-up ball of paper into the bin across from his desk with one overhead throw.

The habit irritated his co-workers to such an extent that many of them wanted to punch Meehan ‘right in his stupid fucking face’, although calmer heads prevailed and the decision was made to just let him keep saying it until he eventually exploded.

“I must say, his last boom was his best one,” chuckled co-worker Janet Kilbride, 36.

“It’s great to know that we never have to hear him tell us how he ‘played a blinder at five-a-side last night, boom’, or have to return a fist-bump and hear him make an exploding noise”.

Exploding after saying “boom” at the end of a sentence claims more lives every year than anything else. As such, people are advised to just stop doing it, immediately.