Palestinians To Continue Living In Rubble To Save Israel The Bother Of Destroying Everything Again


PLANS to rebuild the shattered Gaza Strip have been put on hold by the remaining population of Palestine, who have agreed to continue living in squalor to save Israel the hassle of destroying it all again.

A seven-week assault by Israel, which began in July of last year and killed over 2,000 people, leveled acres of residential and commercial property, leaving thousands without even basic facilities.

A year later, a blockade put in place by the Israelis has meant that materials needed to rebuild the tens of thousands of homes, as well as schools and hospitals still hasn’t made its way into the besieged area. A delegate from the United Nations has criticised the blockade and demanded that rebuilding be allowed to start in Gaza, although Palestinian people living in makeshift accommodation have today announced that they’d rather not “give the Israelis something to aim at”.

“Yeah, sure, what’s the point?” said on Palestinian citizen, who lost 8 members of his family in a bombing raid on what the Israelis claimed was a terrorist HQ.

“The conditions we’re living in right now are unsafe and unhygienic, but we’d rather stick it out here than give the Israelis the satisfaction of watching us rebuild everything only for them to bomb the shit out of it in 12 months”.

The announcement comes as the shaky ceasefire between the two nations enters its second year, with the Israelis looking for any excuse to wipe another few thousand Palestinians off the balance sheet.