US Spy Plane Circles Ireland For 5 Hours After Receiving Directions From Some Local Lad


THE mystery surrounding the unauthorised flight of a US spy plane over Irish airspace earlier this week has been cleared up by the aircraft’s navigational crew, who explained that they were following directions given to them by “some lad on the side of a road”.

The plane, a Boeing E6 Mercury belonging to the US navy, made a five hour flight over Dublin, Cork and Limerick before returning to Dublin and flying back over the continent.

Although many people were quick to accuse the US of flying covert spying missions over the midlands, a spokesperson for the navy clarified that a baffling set of directions which were relayed to the aircraft from a civilian on the ground led to the bizarre flight path.

“We received a communication from a man on the ground via his cell phone, who was curious as to where we were heading to,” said airman Steven Doors, who was on board the jet.

“He was chatty enough, and then told us that he knew a way better route to where we were going. This route involved a number of baffling directions which in hindsight we were foolish to follow, but he convinced us that if we kept going straight at the bend instead of going right at the lights, then headed on for another hundred or so miles until we saw the spot where the Moores used to have a shop before it shut, then we’d get back onto the main turn for the bypass in half the time it would normally take”.

The flight crew did their best to follow the directions via satellite imagery, leading to hours of circling the country.