Muscle Bound Gym Guy Really Wishes Those Old Bullies From School Could See Him Now


A DUBLIN gym enthusiast has made a dramatic appeal to his old school bullies to just look at him now, after years of hate-training transformed him into the muscle bound gym guy he is today.

Mark Rogers, who admits spending 2-3 hours in the gym every single day, said his only wish now is to bump into those people who made his life a misery during school by calling him puny and weak.

“If only they could see these guns now, they wouldn’t be so God damn smart,” he said while flexing his pecs in a strange rhythmic fashion. “I bet they’d shit themselves or something. Look at the size of these legs. I could kick those bullies into the next century.”

The 27-year-old sales rep remembered how he was treated by fellow pupils in St. Peter’s boys school, stating they used to make fun of his skinny legs during PE.

“They called me ‘skinny milinky long-legs, big banana feet’,” the now very emotional Mr. Rogers recalled. “Sometimes words are harder than any punch or kick. Kids can be so cruel. It wasn’t my fault I was underdeveloped,” he added.

“But just look at my legs now! Can you take a picture of them and put them on the paper, huh? That would be great. See how they like me now.”

Taking a moment to gather himself, Rogers began performing some bench presses to show this reporter how strong he is, whilst still continuing to cry.

“See this, huh?” he shouted, starting to embarrass himself in front of the rest of the gym members. “See this? Who else do you know that can bench 200 kilos, huh? Who else? Not Mucky Power, that’s who!” he added, furiously pumping the bench weight. “Let’s see him slag me now! Lets see any of them slag me now. I fucking dare them!”