Online Predators Targeting Pregnant Women’s Foetuses In Ultrasound Hack


A POWERFUL group of paedophilic Russian hackers have gained access to thousands of ultrasound scans of unborn babies in the hope of grooming them at a later date, WWN can reveal.

The shocking discovery was made by a mother from Liverpool, England when the first words spoken by her child were that of the name of notorious hacking group, USP (Ultrasound Paedophiles).

“It was terrifying and when I had heard about similar incidents in the papers, I knew it was the hackers,” said distraught mother Jacqueline Harrison.

Hacking into live ultrasound scans, the hackers have to date sent several pokes, Snapchats and amusing emojis to unborn children as part their long term predatory plan.

“These hackers are unconscionable in their motives, and must be stopped. We’d encourage any healthcare professionals to cut all wifi in hospitals for the time being,” head of Interpol’s cyber crime division Mattais Grungheld told WWN.

“If any parents are concerned about using ultrasounds, even when wifi is not in operation, hospitals are encouraged to employ sketch artists to draw up a sketch of what the foetus may look like,” health care professional Frida Callaghan explained.

While no Irish ultrasounds have been compromised so far by USP, parents and health care professional have been placed on high alert.