9 Signs He’s Not ‘The One’


WONDERING if you’re wasting your time putting effort into making your relationship work when there is a chance he might not even be the one?

Well, WWN is on hand to give you a run down of the signs which will make it clear he is most certainly not the one.

1) He doesn’t look like Ryan Gosling, no matter how much you squint. That’s just inconsiderate.

2) Not once has he correctly guessed a Countdown conundrum. Not once. 9 letters dude, just switch them around to make a really big one, come on!

3) Might not be the one as he doesn’t have any Mommy issues, so isn’t naturally inclined to rely on you for all comfort and intimacy.

4) His hands are somewhere between boyish, manly and french teenage catwalk model.

5) He’s moved in with his girlfriend Maria.

6) Thinks that despite her wider acceptance within music criticism circles, Beyoncé’s self-titled album has not justified the hype after repeat listening and he thinks she may never again reach the dizzying heights of the sonic diversity she so playfully explored on her album ‘4’.

7) He refuses to smother yogurt all over your body on Wednesdays. How do you still like this guy?

8) Your periods haven’t synced despite 4 years of knowing each other.

9) Hasn’t the slightest notion as to what your favourite emoji is. It’s the ghost with the wavey hands you prick.