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Inside The Making Of B*Witched’s ‘C’est La Vie’

WHAT is often referred to as ‘Ireland’s Greatest Song’ C’est La Vie, sung by girl group B*Witched is fondly remembered by almost all of the country, but very little is known about the troubled writing and recording of the quintessential pop song of our times, that is, until now. WWN has researched the events surrounding… Read more »

WWN Guide To Pretending You’ve Got Your Life Sorted Out

IS your soul gnawing away at itself on the inside as the ongoing running commentary in your head has switched from playing the uplifting music of Arcade Fire or some such hipstery racket only to be replaced by a loud booming voice which proudly pronounces ‘you’re only a bag of shite’? Well then, WWN’s guide… Read more »

WWN Lonely Hearts

Are you the woman off that 3 ad? You know the one with the ‘three little words’ shite, was out a while ago. If that’s you, please get in touch as I think you’re an absolute ride. Reply at [email protected] What are your thoughts on squirrels? Not a deal breaker, but I am the proud… Read more »

WWN Guide To Avoiding U2 Concerts

AS every discerning music fan’s worst nightmare has been confirmed in the media in the last 24 hours, WWN provides you, the reader, with the definitive guide on how to avoid U2 concerts. To literally avoid a U2 concerts thankfully all you have to do is simply not attend one, but there are more pressing… Read more »

WWN Guide To Multitasking As A Man

WHILE women are famous for multitasking and telling you they can multitask, sadly men are truly bereft of this simple skill. However, thanks to recent advancements in science, there is hope for penis owners. While society is waiting for several scientific patents to be cleared for commercial use, WWN presents men with a few tips… Read more »

WWN Reassembles Former Garda Commissioner’s Shredded Papers

ONE of the main questions remaining from the fallout of the Fennelly Report, which investigated the events which lead to Martin Callinan resigning his post as Garda Commissioner last year, was the suspicious shredding of up to ten bags of Callinan’s personal papers in the days following his resignation. Luckily WWN were able to intercept… Read more »

WWN Guide To Apologising To The Missus

  MEN, you are the worst, honestly. What have you done now? Regardless, calling your significant other ‘the missus’ was an awful start to things anyway. WWN’s special women’s female affairs correspondent Miss Anne Trope provides you with the essential guide to apologising for whatever you did you complete and utter bastard: Guys, guys, guys,… Read more »

Futurewatch: On The Set Of The Last Ever Porno

2025, Los Angeles. WWN are granted exclusive all-access passes to the set of Teen Sluts 83, the last in the renowned “Teen Sluts” series, and the last pornographic movie ever to be made following a landmark decision that declared every type of porn imaginable was already available to customers, and that there was no real… Read more »

WWN Guide To Forgetting Your Fucking Email Password

SOME people out there have proven themselves experts at avoiding the ignominy of forgetting their email password, but thankfully WWN is here to guide you through forgetting all that. Our tech expert Richard Murphy explains all: The first thing you’ll want to do if you happen to have a vital email from someone on your… Read more »

WWN Guide To Perfecting Your Opinion On The Middle East

IT’S hard to know where to start with the Middle East, it’s mad out there. Who’s bad, who’s good (is anyone good?) And sure where is it on the map even? More like Muddle East! There are so many barriers to forming a coherent and cogent opinion of the unholy mess that one might despair… Read more »