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WWN Guide To Talking About The Weather

IT’S a difficult subject for Irish people to excel at but WWN will endeavour to bestow upon you the tools needed in order to successfully converse on all things weather. It is hard to know where to start with the weather so a good opener is to discuss the weather that has recently happened, is… Read more »

WWN Guide To Spotting A Bad Article

LISTEN, we’re not trying to scare anyone, but there’s a few bad articles around where you live. Real sleeveen, ne’er-do-well types. You’d want to keep a watch for them, you wouldn’t know what they’d be at! Park yourself at your upstairs window and lift the blind just enough to peek out: let’s spot us some… Read more »

Football’s Sexiest HABS

Football WAGS move over, the football HABS are in town! It’s time for wives and girlfriends to step aside as we show you the hottest husbands and boyfriends who cling like sexy pieces of meat to their men; the world’s most elite footballers. ‘Mr Cristiano Ronaldo’ has shied away from the press and is rarely… Read more »

WWN Guide To Owning A Dangerous Dog

SOMETIMES walking around town with your top off on a day that isn’t very sunny while drinking a can of Monster energy drink and spitting every five seconds isn’t enough to inform the world that you’re a proper hard bastard. Sometimes, all the tribal tattoos and gold jewelry in the world doesn’t get across the… Read more »

The Story Behind Why Irish People Call Toilets ‘The Jacks’

IRELAND has long been renowned for its strange slang words and outrageous use of the English language, and for good reason too. Up until 100 years ago, the Emerald Isle was under the rule of the British monarchy and forced to speak the Queen’s tongue, despite having its own. In retaliation, the people on the… Read more »