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WWN Death Notices

GEORGE HIGGINS No, honestly, he’s dead this time. We know he faked his death, there last year for the insurance money, but we all saw him going to the shops, the pub, playing in his band and going to church like butter wouldn’t melt, however, he has definitely died this time. Funeral to take place… Read more »

WWN At The MTV EMAs: Who The Fuck Are These People?

IT WAS with great confusion that the WWN team took to the red carpet at the MTV European Music Awards at the weekend, tasked with holding interviews with the biggest names in music today. Like a group of indigenous tribespeople attempting to order a 12″ Hawaiian pizza on an iPhone, it became apparent to the… Read more »

3 Films That Got History Spot On

Hollywood always talks about striving for authenticity, but more often than not either poetic licence or the desire to make sure America gets credit for anything good that’s ever happened in the world gets in the way. But not every Hollywood production plays so fast and loose with history… some are extremely accurate, especially for… Read more »

WWN Guide To Being Hungover On A Monday

AS outlined in the Irish constitution, every Irish man, woman and child has the inalienable right to start the working week off in an absolute hoop, and not have it reflect poorly of their standing within their workplace. However, it is not always the easiest experience for anyone who chose to drink excessively the day… Read more »

WWN Fashion: Stay Warm This Winter With A Trendy Balaclava

BRRRR! Winter is fast approaching, so it’s time to get yourself nice and warm with some fashionable headwear that looks great and keeps you toasty. This season’s must-have headpiece? The balaclava. After spending decades being negatively associated with terrorist organisations, armed robbers and professional hitmen, the humble ‘clava is finally back where it belongs, at… Read more »

WWN Guide To Cork

The first entry in WWN’s Guide series to feature an entire county, and what better county to kick things off than the Rebel county? Here’s everything you need to know about Cork: Founded in 1890 by Michael Collins, Cork holds the greatest number of Cork records anywhere in the world. ‘Best Cork’, ‘worst Cork’ and… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Lives Of Selfish Millionaire HSE Nurses

AS nurses at St Vincent’s Hospital begin work-to-rule action, WWN can exclusively reveal that these health workers, who have a disgusting expectation of a modern, well functioning health service, are in fact money mad millionaires who just want to line their own pockets. Above is the home of Galway based nurse Heather O’Brien. The mother… Read more »