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The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game!

IT’S that time of year again! The Late Late Toy Show is ready to take the Nation by storm this Friday as Irish families settle down to watch all the action, and more than a couple of intrepid internet users have established EPIC drinking games which should see anyone playing sloshed before the opening number… Read more »

Top 16 Names Of Asshole Men Who Will Get Women Pregnant In 2016

There are many things that play a part in getting pregnant: drunken, unprotected sex with your partner, immaculate penetration from God and now, apparently, your man’s name! WWN Women’s Mag decided to take a look at the average age a woman gives birth for the first time, and found it’s roughly around 28-29 years old. Looking back at men born between… Read more »

WWN Guide To Snow

WITH the latest news coming from Met Éireann suggesting that it might snow this weekend, and the media’s insistence that this has never happened before in Ireland, WWN is on hand to provide you with the essential guide to this most unique of weather conditions. The average Irish person suffers from a condition known as… Read more »

WWN Guide To Bluffing At Garda Checkpoints

GARDA checkpoints can appear at anyplace and anytime, springing an unwelcome surprise on motorists who are simply trying to get from A to B without paying for anything other than petrol. These checkpoints are normally manned by gardaí from the traffic corps, generally considered to be the worst and most petty guards in the whole… Read more »

WWN Profiles: Vladimir Putin

WWN profiles one of the world’s most charismatic leaders who, despite his prominence on the world stage, the public still knows so little about. VLADIMIR PUTIN Age: 63 Height: a constant source of amusement to the world. Known for: being president of Russia, annexing Crimea, brutally murdering his father 6 seconds after leaving his mother’s… Read more »

WWN Guide To Blaming Everyone But Yourself

IF something isn’t quite going right in your life, and the blame lies firmly at your feet, it can often be easier just to blame absolutely everyone else but yourself. WWN provides an essential and extensive guide to doing just that. The Government. Repeat those two words over and over again, and you’ll never have… Read more »