WWN Guide To Finding People’s Struggle With Mental Illness ‘Hilarious’


ARSEHOLES from all walks of life should be able to extract some great tips from our extensive guide:

It’s important to turn off that voice in your head that says ‘this is another human being’, don’t extend basic concepts of humanity, sympathy and empathy beyond the four walls of your home.

We get it, you simply might not have the time or energy to devote to finding it in your heart to treat every individual case you hear of with decency and respect, in fairness, it can be exhausting, but what you definitely will always have the time for is leaving sly comments below articles or personal posts about someone’s battle with depression. Fair play. The resolute nature required to keep this up over a number of years can often allude the more understanding of people.

You’re fine, so everyone else is fine. Well said. Because you, an individual on a planet with over 7 billion other people, have certain experiences of life, it’s only reasonable to assume that if you don’t suffer from any mental illness, then there is no good reason for anyone else not to be exactly the same as you.

It’s important not to view mental illnesses as a neurological joke performed on the unlucky, but more as Divine karmic retribution for something they may or may not have done, what does it matter to you, as long as you can pass snide remarks about it all then everyone will be happy, right?

Remember, people struggling with the variety of mental illnesses that can afflict a person are to be ordered in a fashion akin to a meritocracy.

If someone is seen to have a well paid job or is even remotely famous or in the public eye it is important to revel in their struggle and refrain from offering even a glimmer of sympathy. It has been scientifically proven that people with money don’t deserve your understanding and with money comes only happiness. Just like that time you plumbed for that big holiday for the wife and kids and you had a rotten time, you deserved no one’s sympathy because you were on holiday, thanks to money you earned and therefore it was impossible for you to be unhappy.

Never engage your conscience, we can’t stress this one enough, failure to avoid this might result in a feeling closely resembling guilt, something you haven’t felt about any of your actions in life, otherwise why would you be so callous to people who are so undeserving of your scorn?

If you want to remain ignorant and unaware of mental health facts do not click HERE.