The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game!


IT’S that time of year again! The Late Late Toy Show is ready to take the Nation by storm this Friday as Irish families settle down to watch all the action, and more than a couple of intrepid internet users have established EPIC drinking games which should see anyone playing sloshed before the opening number is even finished.

Shared by Reddit user BallsackLamenter9 and copied here in full for the purposes of securing vital advertising revenue, this drinking game takes the Toy Show experience to another level:

Just something for a bit fun, pretty sure everyone will be able to play it. The rules are fairly simple.

  1. Drink if your Dad has tucked into his 5th can before the 9 O’Clock News is over.
  2. Drink when Dad says he would have put you on the Toy Show when you were younger only you’d have pissed yourself, you were such a disappointment as a kid and fuck all has changed since.
  3. Drink when Mam starts crying, and goes to Aunty Maureen’s house to stay the night.
  4. Drink when Dad doesn’t let you go with her.
  5. Do a shot when Dad says ‘that Tubridy fella is some cunt’ for the first time. Double shot if that happens within the first 10 minutes.
  6. Drink if Dad launches into a rant about how Tubs is paid a fortune, but he’s not really annoyed at that, he’s just failing to process unresolved feelings about how he never made a success of himself.
  7. Do another shot if Dad sends you to the off licence because he’s run out of cans.
  8. Drink if he says ‘that young one will be a looker when she’s older’.
  9. Drink if he falls asleep and pisses himself again.

H/T to BallsackLamenter9, great stuff, we can’t wait to play.