Dublin Girl Literally Using The Word ‘Literally’ Incorrectly


DUBLIN girl Emer Reilly is using the word ‘literally’ incorrectly in literally every single sentence in which she utters it, WWN has learned.

Conversing with friends, family and coworkers, Emer has developed a knack for using the word to describe her varied emotions as well as any and all occurrences in her life, seldom every using it for its intended purpose.

“Out last night, literally in bits, literally dying now,” Emer told several coworkers despite the fact that she was most definitely not in bits, in any literal sense and was in fact only in bits in a figurative way. Despite receiving no medical advice from a doctor it also appeared on the outside at least that the 25-year-old was perfectly healthy, and in no immediate danger of dying.

While the Dublin native is not alone in her circle of friends in using the word for purposes outside of its actual meaning, it is the frequency with which she uses it that has brought it to the attention of those around her.

“Literally though, literally cannot wait for this day to end, literally,” Emer explained to coworker Daniel Tracey, prompting Tracey to wonder what exactly would happen to Emer if she was made to wait for the day to end, like everyone else.

“See that video about the sad old man whose wife is like dead now? Literally cried for hours,” a distracted Emer added, alluding to the time she watched 14 seconds of an emotional video which appeared in her Facebook feed, before moving on to other things without shedding a single tear.

“Ugh, have to visit my Aunt as well tonight, she’s dying. Literally cannot be arsed,” Emer concluded in a rare example of using ‘literally’ in its correct context.