WOW! Celebrities Share Pictures Of Their Excrement And It’s Amazing


SOMETIMES the internet brings you something that just comes out of nowhere to put a great big smile on your face. And this is so true of the latest and GREATEST of internet trends; the great excrement share of 2015!

We have to be honest, we used to be a little against people sharing pictures of their excrement online, but we realise that it takes the bravery of celebrities to make stuff like this share-worthy and relevant.

There’s been some online backlash, but it’s just from the usual group of people who refuse to see the merit in a worthy cause which we’re sure is attached to this cool trend somewhere.

So just who are the celebs who think the world could benefit from seeing their great big shits? OMG the list is amazing!

Clooney, Pitt, Swift, Lawrence, Gomez, Bieber, Cumberbatch (the Batch!), Sir Patrick Stewart, Muhammah Ali, Obama, The Rock, Lady Gaga, Aniston, Kate Middleton (hers is the nicest!) and so many more have already shared the results of their evacuations online and we can’t be more excited to share them, check out of some the best below:

This one is pretty obvious when you think about it, tall, dark and handsome – it’s Idris Elba!


An online trend wouldn’t be complete without some Irish influence, we salute you Michael Fassbender!


People are calling this bravest one of them all, and we couldn’t agree more as there’s a real stigma around pregnant women shitting, well done Kim Kardashian!


Want in on the trend? Share yours online with the hashtag #Celebpoo2015