Woman’s Facebook Feed Nothing But Shared Competitions


THE social networking profiles of one Tramore woman now consists of nothing but shared links to competitions from other pages, following a four day link sharing binge which saw her post up to 20 links per hour.

Catherine Shevlin, 26, has been active on Facebook since early 2008, but has posted almost no details about herself whatsoever.

Her profile, set to public in order to stay in line with the terms and conditions of online competitions, contains only one profile picture and some vague information about what secondary school she went to.

Literally everything else on the page is a “share to enter” competition, for incredibly disparate prizes such as sun holidays, pre-NCT car servicing, and mobile phone cracked-screen repair.

Shevlin appears to use her Facebook solely for entering online competitions, only occasionally typing “would luv 2 win this!!” on the original posts of whomever stages the competitions.

“I was very disappointed when I stalked through Catherine’s page,” said Michael Greenan, an ex-boyfriend of Shevlin, who looked her up on Facebook after breaking up with her ten years ago.

“I was hoping for a bit of info as to how she’s doing these days, is she married, has she any kids, where is she working… and of course, snooping through her pics to see is she still a fine thing. Instead, it’s nothing except shared links to competitions for things like manicures or that home insulation that you get pumped into the external walls. It’s like I took my trousers off for nothing”.

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