WWN KiDz: 4 Ways To Entertain Yourself While Mammy And Daddy Are Fighting


SOMETIMES Mammy and Daddy can be too busy to play with you because they are fighting. WWN KiDz is here to show you how to entertain yourself with fun games until the latest row blows over:

1) Cover your ears. When Daddy uses his big lion-roar voice, but not for bedtime stories, it can be scary. A fun game to play is to press your hands against your ears, you win if you can’t hear Daddy shouting anymore.

2) Play hide and go seek. When Mammy is throwing things at Daddy it can be fun at first, but then it gets boring when she keeps doing it. You can distract Mammy by running away and hiding somewhere, that way she will eventually notice, and come find you instead of throwing things. Don’t hide under your bed because that’s where you hid last time, you’ve got to change things up.

3) Grab your favourite teddy bear and go to your friend’s house. You love your bestest friend in the whole wide world more than anything, so why not go play with him/her when Mammy and Daddy are distracted with their fighting. You don’t know where he/she lives? Well, you remember the big red Tesco sign is near their house, so just look out for that, and remember look left and right before crossing the roads.

4) When Mammy and Daddy are fighting, it can make you feel left out. Use your big boy or girl voice to join in, see if you can shout louder than Daddy, as hard as that may seem. Scream louder than Mammy too.