Football’s Sexiest HABS


Football WAGS move over, the football HABS are in town!

It’s time for wives and girlfriends to step aside as we show you the hottest husbands and boyfriends who cling like sexy pieces of meat to their men; the world’s most elite footballers.


‘Mr Cristiano Ronaldo’ has shied away from the press and is rarely seen in public with the soccer superstar, but we have to say we adore Philip Francs, and it’s no surprise why fashion labels are desperate to get him to model for them. His glamorous beauty defies his 51 years with his flawless skin.

He’s had his struggles with weight recently which is very inspiring, and while we’re not sure Ronaldo should pair himself with an older partner we sort of adore him for that.


Jonas Flimm has been linked PSG goal getter Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but we’ll be honest we’re not seeing what all the fuss is about. He’s unremarkable looking, a bit jowly actually. After digging a little deeper into his background it’s clear he hasn’t even posed in lingerie or competed at Miss Universe or Miss World. Jonas, an astrophysicist, gets the thumbs down from us as he doesn’t even register on the glamorous scale. Don’t get us started on his fashion fails, they are too numerous to list.

Although after learning of his troubles with a low sperm count, we sort of love him.


CUTE OVERLOAD. We are in love, love, love with Lionel Messi’s glamorous new squeeze and it’s only right that the best player in the world has the best HAB in the world. Italian Gianluca Loggia is pictured here in his latest shoot for Victoria Secret. The gorgeous Italian has been the talk of the town and we’re obsessed with his new haircut. Did we mention he lost weight once? Sadly judging from this picture he’s put it back on, which is deplorable. But hey, guy we all know it’s a constant struggle and GiLo as he is known still looks as glamorous as ever.


And just to show we’re not sexist here at WWN and that we know women who play sport also have sexy playthings, check out Mr Ronda Rousey, pictured above is the Queen of UFC’s beau, Harry Henry, and it’s so nice to see a couple that represent different body types and yet are both so body confident. We think we have a new power couple crush.