Lovin’ Waterford: How To Choose A Takeaway Based On What Reheats Best The Next Day


THE piping hot food that arrives at your door after you place your order online is just one facet of the takeaway experience: you guys! Don’t you know that the best part about a takeaway is the big dish of leftovers that you eat the next morning, or bring with you to work for lunch! But what should you order, to best celebrate the curious phenomenon of day-old food being just as tasty as the moment you first tucked into it? Follow our guiiiiiide…

Eat anything that doesn’t reheat well first

You gotta prioritise! If you know that something doesn’t reheat well the next day, then eat that immediately! We’re looking at you, chips! We’re looking at you, spring rolls! Take a look at whatever you’ve ordered and ask yourself, what will be good tomorrow, and what will be best right now? Then eat accordingly! SO EASY!

Sauce is the saviour

Anything saucified is a Godsend to the reheatifier! So be sure to leave a lil’ sauce on your plate to help the next day when you haul your hungover arse out of bed and go looking for something to help you out. Chips on their own don’t do well in a microwave, but chips smothered in curry sauce? That works. That works well, bro! Super fucking well!

It ain’t what you reheat, it’s how you reheat it

Everything you ordered online or via your mobile app, you ordered because it’s delish and you loooove it. So it stands to reason that you’ll love it again tomorrow… providing you reheat it right! Don’t just fuck everything into the microwah for three minutes: think, man! If you have a burger left over, take it out of the bun and just reheat the meat! Chicken curry and fried rice? Mix it thoroughly before you nuke it!! Pizza? Leave that shit alone. Cold pizza is uh-maze-burls. Don’t attempt to heat it. 5 seconds to take the chill off, but that’s about it. Heating old pizza is like cooking steak: the less, the better.

Smelly is good

If you’re aiming to make everyone around you jealous over the fact that you have takeaway and they don’t, then save something niiiiice and smelly for reheating the next day. Picture everyone at lunchtime in the work canteen, eating their sadass little sandwiches while you reheat a jalfrehzi in the microwah… look at their sad faces as the smell of that baby hits them! Or watch as all your hungover friends cry while trying to heat up a tin of beans while you tuck into the garlic bread you left behind the night before. Not only are you having a great time: you’re making others insanely jel! How is that anything other than all the winnage?

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