WWN Lovin’: Spice Up Your Sexlife By Changing Positions Every 90 Seconds


WELCOME to WWN Lovin’, where we show you and your partner how to get the most out of the time you spend between those sheets.

Today, we’re going to show new couples how to properly get the most out of each other during the early days of lovin’, by changing up their sexual positions for no reason, as many times as possible.

Never settle

When you’re in bed with a new partner for the first time, you never want to settle down into the same sexual position for too long. They might think you’re boring, or that you don’t know any other positions! Sort that out by rolling each other around every 90 seconds or so, freequently pausing to pose each other into an increasingly complex arrangement of limbs and genitals before continuing for another while.

Just keep changing

New sexual partners need time to figure out what they like to do to each other, and have done to themselves. The best way to figure this out is to just keep changing sexual position, even if it leads to an air of awkwardness or even frustration. Even if the other person says “why did you stop?”, you shouldn’t take this as a hint to stop squirming around while trying to roll them off the side of the bed.

Do that thing you used to do with your last partner

Remember that thing you used to do with your last sexual partner? That they used to love as well? Your new partner will probably love it too. Try and manoeuvre ourselves into that position, and even if they don’t seem to like it all that much (or it’s not as good as you remember it being), you don’t have to worry: you’ll be changing again in about 30 seconds.

Communicate with each other

It’s important to talk to each other rather than just trying to drag or shunt each other around the bed. Speak: say, I’d like you to lie on your side please. Or, can you lift up just another wee bit, please. Your partner may need to know from time to time just what the fuck it is you’re trying to attempt, and you may or may not need to admit at some stage that you saw this in a porn and you just wanted to try it. This is all part of the sexual battlefield, and you should stick at it even if it’s getting embarrassing by now.