Notorious Soup Kitchen Gang Finally Brought To Justice


THERE were dramatic scenes on the mean streets of Dublin last night, as brave members of the Garda Síochána finally cracked down on a gang of ruthless individuals who had been operating a soup kitchen for the homeless.

The gang had been responsible for the charity-wave which had been running rampant in the city centre, staging regular attacks on hunger and cold with the indiscriminate use of food and warm drinks.

Members of the Garda Charity Crackdown squad swooped on the operation as it began its nightly reign of charity in the Grafton Street area, heroically preventing any of the area’s homeless people from potential nourishment or comfort.

“Me and my team were able to drive away several members of the notorious ‘Soup Kitchen’ gang,” said Martin Harkin, commanding officer of the crackdown squad.

“We were met with little resistance, as expected. This is the thing with these soup kitchen fucks: they’re very brave when it comes to distributing tea and sandwiches to a group of homeless people, but when they see a cop bearing down on them with his notebook out, they clam the fuck up right away”.

Harkin went on to add that last night’s successful mission was only the beginning, before adding a warning to any other charitable organisation that thinks they can step in and fill the void left now the Soup Kitchen gang are gone.

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