Pope Francis Impresses At White House Dinner With Old Water Into Wine Trick


“HOLY shit! Do it again, do it again, do it again” demanded a childlike Barack Obama as Pope Francis relied on the tried and trusted routine of turning water into wine at a lavish White House banquet.

The Pope, fresh from his arrival in Washington and just a few short hours after a pit stop at Disneyland Florida to visit his beloved Harry Potter Land, treated his hosts to an assortment of feats of divinity each one met with enthusiasm and disbelief.

Aware that he had to make a huge impression on US soil as it could well be the trip that defined his papacy, Pope Francis disregarded his normal, humble nature and tried on the clothes of the spiritual entertainer so beloved by the easily amused.

President Obama had remarked somewhat unenthusiastically at the beginning of the dinner that he was happy to receive the Pope as his guest, but it was only after the Pope pulled out the big guns, did the US leader truly warm to him.

“No fucking way, do it again. Look Michelle, there’s like nothing up his sleeves, it’s not like a tube thing that squirts the wine into a cup or anything,” Obama marveled as his wife too enjoyed the jovial show put on by God’s representative on Earth.

“I am so praying tonight,” Obama added, obviously disappointed in himself for his less than perfect praying to the Almighty on a nightly basis record.

A boisterous crowd, visibly high on the adrenaline that comes only with seeing water turned into wine, encouraged Pope Francis to down the water and the pontiff duly obliged.