WWN Travel: UK Or Holland? Whichever Clinic Can Book You In The Quickest


IRISH women are continuing to choose quick breaks abroad to the UK and Holland as the Irish tourism industry offers less attractive accommodation and bizarrely 14 years in prison to accompany some booking options.

With that in mind WWN shows you where to go to for a nice, relaxing and carefree couple of days away:

We’ve all been there; had a flight of fancy after being raped, or told by a doctor that the child you are carrying will not survive outside the womb and thought ‘I quite fancy a flight’, but the question remains – where to?

There are many top quality resorts in England and Holland, which Irish women, safe in the knowledge that this is amongst the easiest and least emotionally arduous decisions they have ever had to make, pick out one on a whim due to such 5-star spa weekend retreats simply not existing here at home.

If you don’t know any of the over 150,000 women who can personally recommend a retreat, it can actually be quite hard to find the right place. Any calls placed to Government TDs are likely to be left unanswered, as they have indicated they prefer instead to wait a number of years before returning such calls. For example, calls to the office of the Taoiseach on 016194000 will prove unfruitful.

A frantic and panicked Google search should bring up several options. Tripadvisor is useless, however.

The popularity of such destinations remains intact despite the roll out of a number of Irish hospitality initiatives which allows anyone contemplating suicide the opportunity to prove it to several strangers.

We can’t recommend the UK or Holland enough (London alone has 15 great spots) for a relaxing last minute get away, and we’ve heard that most hospitality staff treat women with dignity, compassion and respect as they aren’t weighed down by problematic legislation.

Judging by response times and geographical proximity to Ireland, the UK just shades it over Holland as the superior weekend away. And of course, there’s the clothes shops, oh the clothes shops.

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