PHOTOS: Your Gorgeous Shots Of The Northern Lights


We have been bombarded with thousands of reader pictures of the northern lights this morning so we have decided to pick our favourite ones out for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who sent in their shots in. There are some real crackers in here.


Gertrude Kent sent in this fantastic shot of a series of northern lights leading up to Stormont. Magnificent capture.


Terry Price from Coleraine managed to take this shot from his bedroom window. Look at that orange glow. Fitting we think. Marvelous.


Someone’s got an eye for photography here. Thanks to Denis Ransbottom for this incredible picture. Taken at 5am this morning after waking up on his front lawn.


Orange seemingly a dominant colour in the northern lights. This cracker is from Timothy McAdams. Wowzer! You guys are so lucky up there in Antrim.


This is probably our favourite shot of the bunch. Mark McMark from county Tyrone. Take a bow!


Not sure what the hell is going on with the sky in the background here. It almost takes away from the Northern light. Almost. Well done Thomas Jacobs. Nice attempt. 975-425x600

Cheeky! We just had to post this shot of a stereotypical northern light in East Belfast. Thanks to Gerry McGurtan. Gas.