Warren G Arrested Over Shooting Incident 20 Years Ago


US LAW officials have confirmed that rapper and G-Funk pioneer Warren Griffin III, better known as Warren G, was arrested last night in relation to an unsolved multiple homicide dating back over two decades.

G, 44, was questioned through the night after evidence emerged linking him to the deaths of several gang members in the Long Beach area of Los Angeles in early 1994. Also cited in the incident was Nathaniel Hale, aka Nate Dogg, a close friend of the accused. Hale was unavailable for questioning due to being dead.

In a statement by police officials, Warren G is being charged with being an accessory to murder, with a murky timeline of events suggesting that he was being robbed by gang members who were then shot to death after Nate Dogg arrived on the scene.

“A female witness has come forward, claiming to have been in a car with several friends that crashed close to the scene of the incident,” said Carl Highton, spokesperson for the LAPD.

“This witness claims that she and her friends were offered a ride by the accused, before being brought to a local motel for a night of debauchery. 20 years later, this woman has decided to come forward and clear her conscience about the crime”.

Highton went on to appeal to anyone else who had information about that clear black night to come forward.