The World Has Ended


IT is with great sadness that WWN can confirm that the world has ended today, the 7th of October 2015.

Following a series of warnings several days ago from American religious group eBible Fellowship, the Earth’s crust began to bulge and contort at 12.01am, dramatically changing the planet’s familiar terrain, altering it beyond recognition.

Although the religious group was initially derided for its outlandish claims, shortly after 6am this morning an awesome meteor shower rained down on land masses throughout the planet, with the human casualties running into the billions.

Such catastrophic happenings were said to have been predicted by the eBible Fellowship who cited today as the day which God had stated the world would ‘pass away’, but were dismissed due to their prediction being the 435th such prediction this year alone.

As floods raged through countries and continents, the human race lost some of its most beloved people, including George Clooney, Mary Berry, the kid from that ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video, JK Rowling, Angela Merkel and Anne Doyle. Additionally, all animals are now extinct.

A distinct lack of any news reportage indicates there have been no survivors.

God was unavailable for comment, but it is believed he has no reconstruction plans for Earth.