Trump Praised After Opening Fire On Mosque With Semi-Automatic Rifle


LEADING candidate in all major Republican presidential candidate polls Donald J Trump received a huge surge in support today after an incident which saw him open fire on a mosque in Louisville Kentucky, with a semi-automatic rifle earlier today.

Ahead of nearest rival Ben Carson by 5 points yesterday, Trump shares a commanding 85% percent of all national polls after acting on a promise to ‘make America great again’.

Shortly after finishing a speech at a well attended rally, Trump produced several guns from beneath the speaker’s podium, including a semi-automatic rifle, to loud cheers and urged the crowd to follow him.

“This is going to be the best mass shooting of all time, believe you me, I’m going to do it,” Trump said as the large crowd swelled behind him as he made his way to a nearby mosque.

Sustained bursts of fire from Trump’s rifle shattered the window panels of the Golden Leaf Mosque on the outskirts of Lousiville, and a large number of casualties were reported by local news outlets.

Once the last of those attending afternoon prayers was killed Trump reloaded his rifle and with a spate of gunfire emblazoned his name on one of the outside walls of the mosque.

Despite the loss of life, estimates put the number at 43, keen observers of the US presidential race have confirmed this mass shooting of American Muslims could well have won Trump the upcoming 2016 election.

“He’s hit upon all the vital conversation points for a lot of voters. He used a gun to kill some Muslims, and if a cursory glance at the bodies and initial reports has told me anything some of the victims had the letters ‘IS’ in their names, some were possibly black, gay and also Syrian,” explained political commentator Ralph Feeder.

“It’s a touch of political genius, no doubt, and this is reflected in the 40% boost in his poll numbers, and there’s even talk of the Clinton campaign considering doing something similar just to stay within touching distance of Trump,” added columnist Stephen Beauchamps.

Hardline Republican supporters, however did criticise the lack of Mexicans among the dead.

Trump is expected to face no criminal charges as all local police force members were in attendance at the rally and came to the businessman’s aid when his rifle jammed momentarily.