Free Wi-Fi On Bus Revealed To Be Some Sort Of Sick Joke


COMING as a surprise to very few, bus companies across the country have issued a statement admitting that the illusion of “Free Wi-Fi” on coaches is nothing more than an elaborate practical joke.

Customers have for years complained about the poor Wi-Fi available on both Bus Éireann and private services, with most users never getting past the login page without a total crash in reception.

Dismissed as being the fault of the bus moving at speed or overuse by passengers, customers have been forced to shrug off the poor Wi-Fi service and find other ways to ignore their fellow passengers.

However, a statement made today by the Irish Bus Federation clarified that there never really was Wi-Fi to begin with, and it was all just a sick joke aimed at toying with the emotions of internet addicts for no good reason.

“It was just funny to us, you know, to see all these people get frustrated with their phones and tablets,” said Ian Gartlan, chief spokesperson for the IBF.

“We’d stage bets over who could get a passenger to try log on the most over the course of a journey. Funniest thing you’d see would be these lads trying to watch Netflix on an iPad on a packed coach doing 100kmph from Dublin to Galway, and you’d say God bless him, the poor dunce. If only he knew”.

Rail services representatives have reacted to the IBF statement by assuring customers that there was free and bountiful Wi-Fi on every train in Ireland, although they were spotted giggling shortly afterwards.