WWN Guide To Proving You’re Over That Prick Of An Ex Who You Barely Even Think About Anymore



SOMETIMES it’s incredibly hard for friends, family and work colleagues to understand the extent to which you don’t even think about that prick of an ex anymore.

Luckily, WWN has the perfect guide for how to communicate just that.

Never shut up about him. Honestly, think about it for a second. You’re over that bastard, you don’t rerun any of the old arguments you once had over and over again in your head so how else will the fact that you’re over him penetrate the consciousness of those around you?

A gentle verbal reminder every time you interact with someone will firmly reassert the reality that you do not think about that prick anymore. ‘Remember my ex, yeah? Well…’ is the perfect introductory phrase to help educate those around you on how much you don’t give him any thought.

Drunkenly ring him at 3am. You can of course do this sober, but it’s been scientifically proven that ringing an ex while drunk is far more enjoyable than when sober.

It may be gnawing away at you, the suspicion that this piece of shit of an ex thinks you just sit there thinking about him, so really there is no better way to set him wrong than by ringing him.

Clutching a framed picture of your ex while rocking back and forth and screaming ‘why’ is yet another tick in the ‘I’m over you pal, so everybody please shut up about it’ column.

Obviously pictures of your ex can be hard to come by since you’ve definitely thrown out all the photos of him you used to have, in that case, it’s best to scan through his Facebook profile and pick out the most appropriate image to which you can yet again clearly not think about your ex too.

Standing outside his house shouting obscenities may not seem like an obvious choice when trying to convey to your friends, family and work colleagues that you don’t think about your ex, but that prick will be so concerned, he will ring up any and everyone connected to you, so they’ll turn up in no time to view first hand how over him you are.