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Manhunt For Crazed Killer Called Off After Phrase ‘Manhunt’ Found To Be Sexist

AN investigation into a brutal quadruple-murder in Waterford has been placed on hold, as debate rages on about the correct terminology to use in today’s more enlightened times, after confirmation that the phrase ‘manhunt’ is both outdated and insensitive. Although Waterford remains in shock after the as-yet-unnamed victims of the frenzied attack were found earlier today… Read more »

15% Of Millennials Found To Be Living With Mummified Remains Of Long-Dead Parents

NEW statistics have shown that more young people than ever before are living in their childhood homes while the petrified remains of their long-deceased parents ghoulishly sit in lifelike poses around the house, WWN can confirm. With the 18-35 year demographic, many of whom fall into the ‘millennial’ category have long struggled to find affordable accommodation which… Read more »

Kim Jong-Un Suspiciously Quiet These Days

IN RECENT days, leading observers of international politics have slowly come to the realisation that “shit, wait, it’s probably not a good thing Kim Jong Un hasn’t been in the news the last few weeks and months”, raising suspicions around the world as a result. Jong Un, head of the hermit state North Korea, has… Read more »