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Broken Election Promise Kills One

A BROKEN election promise to secure 24/7 cardiac care in Waterford last year has tragically taken its first life this week after a local man died of cardiac arrest while being transferred to a real hospital in Cork. WWN is sad to confirm the untimely passing of 39-year-old Thomas Power, from Bell Lake near Dunmore East,… Read more »

WWN Guide To A United Ireland

CONTINUED rumblings regarding the possibility of a United Ireland* in a post-Brexit age has brought the very real possibility of North and South becoming one again to the fore. However, normal people from all across the island of Ireland may ask themselves what would such a thing look like? How could such a thing happen?… Read more »

Local Woman Currently 67% Sweat

LOCAL woman Grainne Kelly has exclusively revealed to WWN that thanks to the horribly stuffy work space she calls an office combining with the unforgiving heat, her body is currently made up of 67%. The Dublin office worker was first subjected to becoming a gloopy assemblage of limbs and liquid upon entering the city centre… Read more »

“We Don’t Know What We’re Doing”

“WE DON’T know what we’re doing” – the response British Prime Minister Theresa May gave as an answer to all 146 questions EU leaders and officials asked at the opening negotiations on Brexit earlier this afternoon. Seemingly stuck on repeat, a placid looking PM May simply repeated the admission as an answer to all and… Read more »