People Over 55 Must Now Apply For Internet Driving Licence


A SERIES of exams to the test the internet preparedness of the nation’s over 55s was announced earlier today by Eamon Ryan, the Minister for Communications, which will see successful exam takers receive their formal internet driving licence (IDL).

“Internet literacy is of paramount concern in Ireland, we need to ensure people over a certain age can correctly use and navigate the internet in much the same way we do so for road users when it comes to cars,” explained Minister Ryan at the launch of the new licence today.

Pending a successful test sitting proving internet competency, comments made on social media by over 55s will be accompanied by an ‘L’ next to their name to indicate they are learning and have yet to master the internet.

“The test itself isn’t hard as long as you do your homework. Maybe young people can help their parents and other elderly relatives with subjects such as ‘internet memes’, ‘basic research’, ‘WhatsApp scams’, ’emoji use’ and ‘racism’,” added Ryan who confirmed the test will cost a reasonable €80.

Test centres will be operating nationwide from next month but be warned members of the public who fail the test three times in a row will have their phones and laptop devices confiscated or placed in the care of a responsible internet-literate designated web-surfer.

“Things to look out for and avoid include veering dangerously off topic in a Facebook community group, repeated sharing of the same video to a WhatsApp group and attempts at downloading TikTok,” confirmed one IDL tester who confirmed he will actively be looking for a reason to fail people.

If you know of someone who now requires an IDL please make them aware of the impending regulatory changes.