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Johnson To Allow Extra People In House For Xmas, Free Cars, Miniature Union Jacks, Anything To Distract From Shit Job He’s Doing

GENEROUS British PM Boris Johnson will stop at nothing in his attempt to deflect attention away from an inquiry which concluded his Home Secretary, Priti Patel, bullied civil servants, subjecting them to volleys of abuse and is basically Nelson Muntz on steroids. “We can all have Christmas together in Wembley stadium, Ed Sheeran will play,… Read more »

Englishman Can’t Keep Up With All These Bloody Sundays

“Here we go again,” confirmed Englishman Terry Smith after accidentally stumbling on an article about the GAA’s Bloody Sunday commemorations after getting lost on an Irish sports site. “I was only on here to comment angrily under an article about Stephen Kenny dressing as Gerry Adams and beheading the Queen in a video to gee… Read more »