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Taylor To Bulk Up In Bid To Be Able To Lift All Her Belts

KATIE TAYLOR’S coaches are calling it the toughest and most demanding test of her career to date; adding enough bulk and mass so that lifting all her title belts doesn’t result in an instant buckling of her arms and shattering fatigue. “Mandatory defences, unifying divisions, pummeling the head of a Spaniard for ten rounds; it’s… Read more »

Coping With Post-Trumpmatic Stress, A Guide

AS THE world picks up the pieces of whatever remains of Western democracy following the 4 year administration of Donald Trump, psychotherapists and psychiatrists alike have called on the emotionally shattered world to come together and cope with its ‘post-trumpmatic stress’ using this handy guide below: Normally, the first step to dealing with post-traumatic stress… Read more »

Ranked: Worst Irish Accents In Hollywood Movies

SPARKED by the unspeakably twee and diddly eye-ness of the newly released trailer for ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ and the accents therein which are surely crimes against the Irish people, WWN has produced a definitive list of the most awful Irish accents to ever grace the screens of Hollywood movies: The Field? Do we all live… Read more »