Local Woman Saw A Big Crowd Today, Not Wearing Masks Or Nothing


“NOT a mask among them” confirmed Waterford mother-of-two Ciara Meeghan, after returning from a walk this morning in which she encountered up to 6 people in a nearby park, some of whom actually spoke to each other.

“We’ll be locked up for years at this rate” muttered Meeghan, updating her Facebook status to inform her 136 assorted friends, family members and long-defunct profiles of local business about what she considers to be a gross violation of the country’s Covid-19 Level 5 guidelines.

Meeghan, 39, confirmed to WWN that the ‘horde’ of scofflaws she saw today ‘breathing all  over each other’ pales in comparison to a gathering she saw last week where two families met at a nearby playground with their kids, damning us all to hell with their selfish ways.

“See the crowds in city centres that show up every weekend on social media? They’re nothing compared to this lot” fumed Ciara, updating her ‘big book of dirty bastards’ while looking out her window to see if the neighbours were having people around again.

“I’ll be honest, while I don’t like to see it, these gatherings have really helped give my nosiness and passive aggression a purpose in this life. Before Covid, I really had nothing to give out about, save for the odd person parking in a disabled spot now and again. But now, I can go for a stroll and find a dozen things to complain about, which is honestly just so nice”.

Ms Meeghan went on to outline which local businesses have staff that only wear ‘those visor things’, and which ones she thinks shouldn’t really be open as she can’t see how they’re essential at all.