Incredible! Rescue Workers Pull Survivor From Ashes Of Vesuvius Eruption In Pompeii


RESCUERS working around the clock to search for survivors from the volcano eruption in Pompeii fell to their knees and sobbed tears of joy after pulling a survivor from the rubble and ashes some 1,941 years after the operation first started.

“What a joyous miracle,” Pompeii mayor Silvio D’Amelio told the media, as ash covered survivor Cornelius Rossi was pulled from beneath the volcanic debris and hosed down long after most people feared everyone caught up in the eruption of Vesuvius had met a sad fate.

In amazing footage seen around the world Rossi, who emerged from the dust and ash coughing and gasping for air, asked rescuers for water.

“Despite the water he was still very disorientated. When he brought him to helicopter than would transfer him to hospital he screamed ‘please don’t feed me to the metal bird monster’. You have to understand, a lot has changed since the rescue effort first started,” explained the mayor.

It is believed Rossi was attending a traditional Roman orgy at the time of the eruption, and was saved on account of being at the bottom of a pile of bodies writhing in sexual ecstasy.

The rescue was made all the more sweet as Rossi’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson was part of the search crew.

“We never gave up hope,” shared Rossi’s descendant, Gio from his relative’s bedside. Rossi, thankful to everyone, insisted his rescuers posed with him for a self-potrait painting.

This welcome good news story comes in the same week rescuers sadly unearthed a dead man and his slave preserved in ash at the moment of their attempt to flee the eruption, as well as one man caught on the toilet mid-poo and another woman awkwardly found perfectly preserved in tatty, unconvincing knock-off Balenciaga runners.