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“We’re Taking This Seriously” Johnson Confirms From Pub, 6 Pints In

“WE’RE making every effort to limit this spread, businesses will be supported, just practice social distancing,” confirmed UK PM Boris Johnson, who is now conducting all Covid-19 related emergency briefings down his local, The Winchester, such is his festering nonchalance. Acutely aware of how much of a positive impact his behaviour and communications could have… Read more »

The Boris Johnson Guide To Handling A Pandemic

WITH the vast majority of leaders of countries currently battling the spread of the Covid-19 virus following all the World Health Organisation’s advice on testing, social distancing, self-isolating and quarantining, one man bravely an courageously said ‘I know better’. WWN is on hand to circulate Boris Johnson’s indispensable guide to letting people he deems dispensable… Read more »