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Brexit Chaos A Welcome Relief

FOLLOWING months of Coronavirus saturated news seeping into every single pore of media news bodies, Britain, Ireland and the remaining handful of Europeans who care exhaled in unison at a familiar pre-Covid era news story: the UK once again making the centrefold of the world’s latest issue of Fuck Up magazine. In a suspected attempt… Read more »

WWN Obituary: Dame Vera Lynn

THE death has occurred of Dame Vera Lynn in her 103rd year, following a long and difficult battle with disappointment in the current state of the UK and a lifetime of being sick of ‘that fucking song’. In honour of a storied life and career, WWN now takes a look back at the life of… Read more »

Calls Grow For Marcus Rashford To Replace British Government

FOLLOWING Manchester United player Marcus Rashford’s efforts in helping to raise £20 million to feed 3 million people during the Covid-19 crisis, the British public are backing calls to have the 22-year-old replace the entire government. Polling at an impressive ‘not a Tory psychopath’ according to the latest polls, Rashford, who spoke passionately about the… Read more »

Winston Churchill Statue Frantically Deleting ‘Bengal Famine’ Section Of His Wikipedia Page

MOMENTARILY leaving its plinth in Westminster’s Parliament Square, a panicked Winston Churchill statue entered an internet cafe to remove references to all troubling aspects of Churchill’s political life, including his role in the Bengal Famine of 1943 in an attempt to keep the statue standing a little longer. Famous for his pivotal role in defeating… Read more »

British History According To Britain

THE TEARING down of a statue of slaver-but-honestly-probably-a-top-top-bloke-besides-all-that Edward Colston in Bristol by anti-racism protesters, and the negative reaction it has drawn from some, has highlighted again that official Britain’s version of British history is flawless and not a simplified, hastily rewritten version that ignores inconvenient truths. You may be confused to learn to Colston,… Read more »