Johnson Just Waiting Out PM Role Until He Can Get GB News Gig


BORIS Johnson is said to be ‘kicking himself’ that he didn’t hold out for an onscreen role on the soon-to-be-launched GB News, instead of foolishly pursuing and achieving the role of Prime Minister.

Johnson is said to consider the new 24-hour news network, set to launch this weekend, as being ‘custom built’ for his brand of mildly racist, Britain-first pies ‘n mash rhetoric, and that he never would have bothered with the hassle of being the leader of Britain if he’d known that a sweet on-air role was waiting for him.

“The PM really feels that the ‘lovable rogue’ persona that he carved out over the years appearing on things like Have I Got News For You or indeed in his ‘tells it like it is’ Telegraph and Spectator articles would be great for the UK equivalent of Fox News, and really thinks that he blew his shot by actually attempting to be a real politician” said one source close to Downing Street.

“I mean, jokingly comparing Muslim women to letterboxes? That’s the kind of race-baiting, right-wing friendly banter that GB News badly needs, and Boris can drop that kind of thing in his sleep. Whereas now as Prime Minister, he’s expected to implement policies that benefit the nation, make important decisions on a worldwide stage… to be honest, he’s really just killing time here in 10 Downing Street until the next election, and hoping above hope that voters finally see him for the sham he is and allow him to get the hell out of here and make some of that sweet right wing news money”.

Until such a time as Johnson becomes available, GB News will make do with any one of the hundreds of outspoken right-wing talking heads that have flourished over the last 10 years.