Shocking Revelation That Should End Johnson’s Career To Be Forgotten Within A Week


“LET bodies pile up in their thousands” – the disgusting words attributed to PM Boris Johnson, who is now at the centre of his 147th career-ending storm which in all likelihood will be forgotten about within a week if not by the end of the day.

The scandal surrounding reports that allege Tory donors and supporters received £3.7bn in Covid-era government contracts, which was supposed to be the end of Johnson, will now be replaced by the scandal of the monstrously heartless words he allegedly uttered in a meeting in October 2020.

“Will that scandal be replaced by the scandal about who paid for expensive renovations on his Downing Street flat, which was possibly illegal? Did the Jennifer Arcuri affair and dodgy contracts even count as a scandal? The Dyson texts?

“The fact the government is stonewalling any inquiries into their fatal Covid mismanagement? I can’t keep up,” confirmed one member of the public, who only has to endure another 3 years of this government before its returned again with a healthy majority.

“In the same way that ‘chatty rat’ traitor Cummings was testing his eyesight in Barnard Castle, when I said the thing I’ve been caught saying which I definitely didn’t say… I was merely testing my vocal chords,” confirmed Johnson, responding to questions from the media.

“Big fucking deal anyway, oh no ‘awful person everyone knows is awful says awful thing’. Give me a break, what are you going to do about it anyway?” added Johnson, ending the interview in order to get to his next scandal he will also go unpunished for on time.