Dozens Arrested After Thai Tims Clash With Thai Huns

RIOT police in Thailand have arrested dozens of young children after violent clashes between the group known as the Thai Tims and their bitter rivals, the Thai Huns. The Thai Tims, a group of disadvantaged schoolchildren from rural Thailand, became internet superstars across Ireland and Scotland after philanthropist Paul Lennon of the Good Child Foundation… Read more »

Last Kid To Reach Front Door Claims ‘It Wasn’t A Race’

A STEWARDS inquiry has been called into an alleged race between siblings Diarmaid Toomey (9) and his younger sister Aoife (6) after a spur-of-the-moment contest to the front door left her in last position today. Parents Thomas and Mary Toomey were inadvertently dragged into the debacle following their son’s apparent win, which saw him leave their only daughter… Read more »