“I Need Help, Please”: Kanye’s Latest Hilarious Rant


YEEZY is at it again! The eccentric rap icon has issued yet another one of his crazy, out-there rants in which he claims to be suffering from ‘severe mental health issues’, adding that he ‘needs the help and support of his friends and family to get him through these troubling times’.

The hysterical rants are nothing new for Kanye West, who has at many times over the years issued nonsensical ramblings and delusions on Twitter, on TV and during concerts, press conferences, radio interviews, all the time basically.

West ‘went off on one’ at a recent concert and cancelled the remaining dates of his ‘Saint Pablo’ tour, before (in a classic Kanye moment) becoming hospitalised amid ‘fears for his mental health’, generating swarms of LOLs across the internet.

As is standard practice, social media reacted to West’s wacky pleas for help with a shower of memes, GIFs, jokes and vines, with many people expressing a wish for Kanye to quit all this nonsense and just get back to writing and performing kickass tunes.

“Another day, another Kanye freak-out,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Yeah Kanye, we hear you, exhaustion, paranoia, delusions, anxiety, violent mood swings… we’ve heard it all out of you before. You say you need help, yeah.. we need another album like College Dropout. Quit your messing, I hear enough of that kind of thing from this one friend I have. I just tune it out. Now that I think of it, I haven’t heard from him in a while. Anyways, epic LOL Kanye, now back in the studio”

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