‘Leave Him, Leave Him… He Has To Learn’ Says Obama


OUTGOING US president Barack Obama is to take a hands-off, in-at-the-deep-end approach to the transition of power to the incoming president-elect Donald Trump, stating that Trump will ‘have to learn sometime’ what it takes to run one of the most powerful countries in the world.

“But Mr. Obama, he’s going to crack his skull open,” said one White House correspondent at a press conference earlier today, in a tone similar to that of a worried grandparent watching their toddler grandson take their first steps around the coffee table in the living room.

“Help him, help him, he’s going to do something dreadful, and then the crying will start for us all”.

Obama, maintaining an air of dignity despite the constant dread about what Trump will do with the country once he gets his hands on it, was quick to point out that although Trump may make some catastrophic errors in the first six months of his presidency, the theory stands that these will only make him more cautious about how he carries himself for the remaining three and a half years.

“Leave him be, he has to learn,” said Obama, sounding like a parent who knows that their kid will pick up a bruise or two each and every day.

“The country is fairly well looked after, there’s only so much damage he can do. And if he falls, well, he falls. I guarantee, he’ll learn more from the hits he takes than he will from everyone mollycoddling him. He’ll come round, wait and see”.

Trump refused to comment on the matter, as he was too busy trying to get the child locks off the drawer with the nuclear launch codes in it.