No Side Launch ‘Operation John Waters’

IN what may be the clearest indication yet that the no side in Ireland’s referendum debate are becoming truly desperate, they have chosen to launch their secret weapon which bears the cryptic codename ‘Operation John Waters’. While the yes side have been confused by the move with some believing it to be an idiotic act… Read more »

Denis O’Brien To Sue Everyone

FOLLOWING legal proceedings undertaken by voiceless billionaire Denis O’Brien against both RTÉ and the Sunday Business Post comes news that the Digicel kingpin is set to sue absolutely everyone. “We’re particularly targeting people who have had negative thoughts about Denis in their head but have never uttered them in a public forum,” O’Brien chief counsel… Read more »

‘Filled’ Tortilla Wrap Mostly Just Tortilla

COLLEGE student Kevin Matthews was left feeling disappointed today after purchasing a €3.99 ‘filled’ wrap, only to find it was mostly made of rolled up tortilla bread. “Filled me fuckin’ hole boi!” exclaimed Matthews upon biting into his mostly floury based lunch. “Robbin’ bastards! I can’t believe I spent four quid on this shit”. The… Read more »