Leave Your Car Running For 5 Minutes In The Morning To Warm Up, Advises Local Criminal


FEELING the chill the past few days? As the temperatures drop, you may find that your car is frosted over when you get to it in the mornings, and sitting in it is like sitting in a fridge. Well, one Waterford criminal has come up with a novel way to combat this problem, and has helpfully shared their solution.

“Nobody likes sitting in their car, waiting for the heat to build up so they can defrost their windows and drive off,” said Mark Jennings, a renowned toerag from Waterford city, speaking on behalf of his fellow criminals.

“So what we suggest you do is simply start your car and then go back inside where it’s nice and warm for five or ten minutes. That way, when you leave the house for your day’s work, your car will be sitting there nice and toasty waiting for you”.

Jennings went on to state that making this trick part of your morning routine will enable you to get much more done before you begin your commute, such as eating toast or going to the toilet.

“Leave your car running while you make your sandwiches or iron a shirt,” said Jennings, wandering through a local estate at half seven this morning, checking if anyone was following his advice.

“Don’t worry about the fact that your car is unlocked, with the keys in the ignition, with the engine running… it’ll be fine. Not only that, it’ll be nice and warm for me. I mean, for you”.