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Rare Glimpse Of Trump’s Humanity As He Wishes Sex Trafficker ‘Well’ With Court Case

RETURNING TO giving Covid-19 press briefing and taking a break from using federal agents to violently crackdown on legitimate protests, US President Donald Trump offered the public a rare glimpse of his more human side by wishing notorious sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well in her upcoming trial. A surprising remark, the President extended the sort… Read more »

Pence Urges Trump To Deploy That Rugged, Sexy Army

VICE President Mike Pence has given Donald Trump his 100% backing when it comes to using the US military to tackle the ongoing civil unrest, adding that it’s ‘really warm out there these days’ and the male soldiers ‘may not even need to wear shirts’. VP Pence made his statements from a bunker underneath the… Read more »

Hydroxychloroquine: The Facts

DESPITE assurances from none other than the actual President of the United States that Hydroxychloroquine is a totally safe, hugely reliable preventative measure against Covid-19, some people around the world continue to doubt its effectiveness. But enough of the WHO-funded propaganda and Democratic scaremongering; it’s time for the world to know the full facts about… Read more »