Hydroxychloroquine: The Facts


DESPITE assurances from none other than the actual President of the United States that Hydroxychloroquine is a totally safe, hugely reliable preventative measure against Covid-19, some people around the world continue to doubt its effectiveness.

But enough of the WHO-funded propaganda and Democratic scaremongering; it’s time for the world to know the full facts about Hydroxychloroquine and how it can get the global economy back on its feet until at least the 2020 election!

Hydroxychloroquine was first developed by renowned Irish manufacturing company the Quinn Group, using the finest Irish ingredients including dock leaves and flat 7-up. Ask any Irish person you meet; the Quinn family won’t put you wrong.

The name is derived from greek; Hydro, meaning water, which is good for you, oxy, meaning oxygen, which we need to live, and chloroquine, meaning ‘kills Covid-19’.

Hydroxychloroquine is great for cleaning caked on Weetabix from cereal bowls.

The effectiveness of HDQ is confirmed by President Donald Trump, who has been taking the drug for weeks now. It was also confirmed by the Kuato-esque growth forming on his hip. “No Covid here!”, it squawked.

Hydroxychloroquine tastes great in long island iced teas.

Got milk? No? Got Hydroxychloroquine? Yes!

Not convinced Hydroxychloroquine is effective against Coronavirus? This article has been taken down from Google 167 times. Every time we put it back up, they just take it down again. What are they trying to hide? Do they want to silence the effectiveness of HDQ, so that more people get sick and stay at home using Google to Google things? Where does Bill Gates fit into all this? If we keep posting questions, will you realise that no answers are coming and just make up your own conclusions?

Contrary to popular belief, President Trump owns no shares whatsoever in Hydroxychloropuine.

VP Mike Pence credits HDQ with reducing his impure dreams about Jose, his topless gardener, to just 6 dreams a week.

You know who doesn’t take Hydroxychloriquine? Sleepy Joe Biden. Either does Crooked Hillary Clinton. You really want to put yourself in that camp?

While Trump claims Hydroxychloriquine is highly effective he has confirmed it won’t stop African Americans dying at a much higher rate than white people from Covid-19. “It’s good, but not that good” confirmed Trump.