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Local Kid Expecting Interest Next Time He Sees Grandparents

ALTHOUGH the cancellation of payments to visiting grandchildren has come as a huge relief to elderly citizens around the country, WWN has discovered that a nefarious plot by ruthless kids to impose ‘missed payment’ fees may result in financial ruin for some pensioners. “A lot of grandparents took advantage of the so-called ‘payment holiday’, believing… Read more »

Historians Warn 2020 Has Already Used Up Its Quota Of Historical Events

SPEAKING AT emergency press conference, the world’s historians called for urgent action as the year 2020 reached its maximum quota for historical events. “You can see the simple formula we use to calculate permissible volumes of history,” explained historian Erica Schubert pointing to an intimidating graph, “we’re entirely full up for news, events, viral stories… Read more »

Interfering Bastards At EU Says Irish Government Should Tackle Problems In Health, Housing & Inequality To Fuel Recovery

AS A potential €500 billion economic recovery fund is being proposed by Germany and France to help EU countries bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic, the interfering bastards at the EU have dealt Irish political parties a severe blow after stating Ireland shouldn’t make cuts in vital areas that hammer ordinary citizens. Instead, those meddling… Read more »